Team Building and Team Rewards

Liverpool VRVE offers an incredibly immersive Virtual Reality experience, supervised by trained VR
professionals, in two ultra-modern VR Studios.

Both VR Studios offer cutting edge technology, enabling us to provide the absolute best virtual reality experience available today ….

We believe that your employees are the most important asset to your business, and if motivated, trained,
valued and happy, will help you achieve you Mission Aims and Ethos.

That’s why at Liverpool VRVE we offer bespoke packages for your business, to inspire your workforce, by offering activities to your employees that are original, different, mind blowing, challenging and FUN !!

Bond as a Team the FUN WAY !!

Develop Communication Skills

Keep Talking and No Body Explodes

In groups 3/4, One Headset each rotated to diffuse the bomb in 5 minutes.

Team Co-op and Player vs Player

Elven AssassinBow and Arrow with or against each other 2v2

Blaston1v1 against each other on platform

Arizona sunshine/Death Horizon2 player coop with zombies

VRigade Shooter2 player coop with guns as poilice

HyperdashRobots up to 5v5 shoot out

Games with High Scores for Competition

Beat SaberSmash the blocks to various music soundtracks

Pistol WhipBe John Wick in shooter that gives high scores to soundtrack

RagnarokDrum based game on viking ship for distance per song

Combat CoasterScore points shooting whilst on roller coaster

Synth RidersRhythm game to music for points riding the rails

Popular Games and Experiences

Richies PlankCan you walk the Plank 100 floors up !

Ocean RiftSwim with turtles, dolphins, whales, sharks

– Climb, Jump out of Plane

– Box in the Ring, and Plenty more

Click Videos Below to see the Games that will make your

Day the Best Fun you can have as a Team

Richies Plank

Experience the Fear of being 100 Floors up, but still having your feet on the ground !!!

Diffuse the Bomb

Can you diffuse a Bomb in 5 minutes without knowing How to? Your colleagues Know How, but can’t see the Bomb. Only you can……Tick, Tock…..Boom !!


Work as a Team to defeat each other and survive.

Pistol Whip

Become an Assassin,  move your whole body,  dodge bullets and baddies…. Return fire and get a High Score

Synth Riders

Use your Arms to ride the rails and avoid the Walls to fast paced music tracks designed to get your heart pumping and generate High Scores

Elven Assassin

Find your enemy and kill them with an arrow to their head. But beware as you can teleport around the zone…. Who will Win?

Partner Up

Become Starksy and Hutch or Cagney and Lacey and work together to defeat the baddies….. Who will make it to the end.

Roller Coaster

Ride the coaster and shoot your way to freedom and obtain the high scores. Can you stay on your Feet